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What is a Heat Pump?

What exactly is a heat pump anyways, and how does it work?

In simple terms, a heat pump is a dual heating and cooling system that uses low amounts of energy to control the temperature of a building. It transfers heat from one area to another, either through the air or the ground.

Air-source heat pumps, which are the most common, function by transferring heat within the air of a home to the outdoors and vice versa. In contrast, ground-source heat pumps harness geothermal energy, transferring heat between the air inside a building and the ground outside.

Generally, if you know how traditional air conditioning systems work, then you understand how heat pumps work, as their functionality is basically the same. But the critical difference lies in a heat pump’s ability to heat a home as well. Unlike traditional heating systems like gas furnaces, they do so not by generating their own heat but by transferring already existing heat from one location to another. This means you only need to install one set-up in your home instead of two separate HVAC systems!

On average, ground-source heat pumps are the more efficient option, especially if you live in a colder climate. However, the downside is that they come with a pretty hefty price tag — typically nearly double or more than an air-source heat pump installation. This price difference is primarily due to the additional technical knowledge and equipment involved in installing these geothermal systems and can be a considerable barrier in many homes pursuing this option.

If you live in a more moderate climate, though, an air-source heat pump system can be just as, if not more, efficient for your home — but more on that later.

They’re energy efficient and will save you money

To begin with, both air-source and ground-source heat pump systems are known for their energy efficiency. This can mean some substantial savings on your monthly energy bills. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, air-source heat pumps can result in savings of nearly $1000 a year!

They’re better for the climate than traditional heating sources 

Then there’s the climate impact. 7% of fossil fuel energy in the U.S. is used for home water and interior heating, and heat pumps offer an excellent way for all of us to reduce our usage. In truth, according to research from Harvard University, if heat pumps became the standard in the U.S. (instead of installing new central air-conditioning systems), we could have heat pumps in 44% of American homes by as early as 2032. And if this was the case? These homes could reduce “their fossil fuel use during the colder months by at least one-third.” Talk about the power of community change!


They’re better for your family’s health

Heat pumps aren’t just good for our planet, though. They can also have a positive effect on our health too! For example, suppose you’re switching from fossil fuel-driven heating that relies on natural gas or propane sources. In that case, adopting an electricity-based heat pump system can help eliminate the risk of gas and carbon monoxide leaks in your home. This is a significant win, especially considering that the presence of natural gas indoors has been linked to an increase in cases of childhood asthma.


So when considering a Heat Pump System for your home contact us, the Heat Pump experts, The Air Conditioning Co! We can answer all your questions and provide all your Heat Pump needs.


The worker repairing ceiling air conditioning unit for heater
HVAC services, Heating repair

Why Fall is the Best Time to Schedule Heater Maintenance in El Paso

Your heating and cooling system is one of the most critical components in keeping your home safe and comfortable. While it’s best to have your air conditioner checked in the spring, fall is the best time to check your heater in El Paso. This is because winter is right around the corner, so HVAC companies will be swamped with last-minute heating repairs and installations. 

So, if you want to beat the hustle and bustle of the winter rush, you should get all your heating repairs and service work done in the fall. Contact us or call (915) 842-8615 to schedule your heating installations, repairs, and maintenance today with the Air Conditioning Company!  

Reasons to Get Your Heater Serviced in the Fall

Save Money on Your Heating Bills 

One of the main reasons to get your furnace serviced in the fall is to save money on upcoming heating repair bills. Having your furnace professionally maintained and serviced will help it run more efficiently, leading to lower heating costs. 

Beat the Winter Rush 

As we said before, it’s crucial to maintain your furnace or heater in the fall because heating and cooling companies will be swamped when winter hits. If you make your appointment now, there’s a good chance that we can be at your place of residence in a day or two. However, when you wait until winter, it could be weeks before an HVAC company has an opening in their schedule. 

Protect Your Indoor Air Quality 

During the summer, you can open windows and turn on fans if your air seems stagnant and stale. However, opening a window isn’t an option if you don’t like how your air smells and feels when it’s freezing cold outside. 

A big part of fall heater maintenance is checking your furnace filter, air ducts, and indoor air quality. We’ll ensure that your ducts are clean, your furnace filter gets changed, and you have good indoor air quality. That way, you can breathe easier this winter and have confidence that you’re not inhaling stale or dirty air. If maintenance is no longer an option, The Air Conditioning Company in El Paso can provide you with a new heating installation.

Catch Problems Before They Happen 

One of the things that we do during heating repairs at the Air Conditioning Company is catching problems before they happen. By catching issues before they have a chance to manifest, you can avoid heating shutdowns during winter because of a faulty system. The last thing you want to happen is for your furnace to give out in the middle of a 20-degree night. 

If we notice any problems with your El Paso system, we’ll notify you and make the necessary heating repairs with your permission. 

Increase the Lifespan of Your Furnace 

On average, most furnaces and heaters that are properly maintained will last for 20 to 30 years. However, if you don’t perform regular maintenance checks on your furnace or heater, its lifespan will get cut in half and possibly even shorter. It may be time for a new heating installation.

You Might Need a Heater Replacement 

If you have an older furnace with many problems, we may recommend replacing it with a new system. While installing a new furnace is a bit of an investment, it’s worth making for your and your family’s safety. 

Schedule Your Fall Furnace Maintenance Visit Today

If you want to be responsible and adequately prepared for the upcoming El Paso winter, contact us or call (915) 842-8615 today to schedule an appointment. We have some of the best heating and cooling technicians, including seasoned service and maintenance professionals. If your furnace requires repairs, needs to get replaced, or if you want to have peace of mind heading into winter, we’re the team for the job. 

Air Conditioning, Anthony, NM

Top HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Make Every Summer in Anthony, NM

Picture this: summer has just begun, and you’re starting to feel the heat. And while you enjoyed cozying up in the winter months and going on picnics in the spring, your HVAC unit sat idle, getting rusty in the process. Now that it’s summer, here are a few common mistakes that you need to avoid in Anthony, NM. 

You should hire an expert Air Conditioning Company to check your HVAC system in Anthony, NM.

Top HVAC Mistakes Homeowners Make Every Summer in Anthony, NM

Sure, just about every homeowner in the southwest wants to maintain their HVAC unit, but they make mistakes, some of which can ruin the unit altogether. If you want to avoid these problems down the line, you’ll have to be careful with your unit and avoid these mistakes. 

Avoiding mistakes is better than changing the entire unit, which is certainly an unnecessary expense.  

Forgetting Maintenance of the Unit

First and foremost, you should maintain the HVAC unit on a regular basis. Almost every HVAC manufacturer will tell you the same thing. You need to get your unit professionally cleaned whether you’re using it or not. In fact, you should hire a technician to examine your unit thoroughly, and a skilled Air Conditioning Company is the best fit for the job. 

Think about it; it makes sense to spend a little money on regular maintenance as opposed to large sums on repairing the system or buying another unit.

Not Changing the Filters

This is a common problem that does the most damage to the unit. When homeowners don’t change filters on a regular basis, they become clogged with extra dirt and dust, causing them to start malfunctioning. Air filters aren’t costly at all; you can typically buy these for your HVAC unit for 3 to 4 dollars. You should change them at the start of every season, even if the system wasn’t in operation all season.

This will enable you to save on the cost of inspection and repairs as it’s the source of many severe problems that potentially lead to malfunctioning and even repairs. 

Shutting Off Its Vents

This is a frequently-used technique to save on cooling costs. Homeowners think that if they shut off all the vents in rooms where the unit isn’t cooling, they will save costs. 

This is a common misconception considering that when you shut off a vent, you reduce air circulation in the room, which means there’s less heated air rotating in the system’s coils. And then, it builds frost until it can’t produce cool hair as effectively.

Air Conditioning Company’s Services

While our company was established in 2006, our service experience spans 46 years. You can count on us to have your HVAC up and running again, or if you need other conditioning solutions, we are here to provide you with those as well.

We offer a range of services to homeowners in West Texas and New Mexico. including:

  • Installation Installations and Sales: We can ensure better indoor air quality by helping you find the ideal air conditioning system for your house.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Our experienced electricians are capable of repairing any AC unit or AC system if need be. 
  • Thermostats and Heat Pumps: We can also help address issues in all types of thermostats and heat pumps on the market. You can contact us for reliable and efficient service.
  • Indoor Air Quality Products: Learn more about how indoor quality products improve your home’s climate and provide other benefits.
  • Commercial System Installation: We aren’t limited to residential services; if you need servicing for larger-scale units, we will provide upgrades and other services accordingly.
  • Swamp Cooler Conversion: After making the switch to a new and advanced AC system, you will experience comfort unlike anything else. Contact us for the installation process. 
  • Heaters’ Installation: Call our professionals for immediate and efficient heater installation when it gets chilly.
  • Heater Repair: You can rely on our talented technicians to fix your heaters so you feel comfortable indoors during the winter months.

Air Conditioning Services in Anthony, NM

Contact us today for optimal quality services that ensure a high-performance HVAC system on your property.

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